Midlife Moxie

And so it begins...our first baby step into blogging!

Hi, we are Pulse Graphics, a sister-in-law duo attempting to master all things entrepreneurial by throwing random things at a wall and seeing what sticks. Yes, I realize that most likely makes you question our business sense and well, maybe you should. Neither of us has a degree in business, nor have we taken any courses on business (maybe now is a good time to mention we intend to be completely transparent and authentic in this blog!). That being said, there are a plethora of exceedingly successful companies and entrepreneurs built on guts, determination, passion and the pursuit of a dream.

So here we are, doing what we love to do best in life - laugh and drink wine. Heather is on the left, and your author here, well you can figure out which one I am. My name is Vicki. We married brothers and somehow everyone thinks we are the ones related. We both have what some would consider successful professional careers in the healthcare field and this little side hustle of ours is our creative outlet. We built this small business in 2017 and since then have survived 2 cross state moves, new jobs, a pandemic, global inventory shortages and our own self-limiting beliefs!

This past year we submerged ourselves in trying to pinpoint a clearer direction regarding production methods (we will share more on this in future blogs!) and selling platforms. Turns out we are leaving 2022 with more options than direction. Oops. Guess what? That's what happens when you throw stuff against a wall - some of it sticks, some doesn't. That being said, we feel more confident than ever that we are getting closer to our vision. I mean heck, we made it to year 5! In fact, did you know only 1 out of 2 small businesses make it past the five year mark? Now, what I will say is, we are closing out year 5 with about 100 more gray hairs on our heads than when we started, but that's for another conversation.

Here's the thing. This year we both turned 40. And you know what, we decided that midlife isn't a crisis, but more an opportunity to embrace your moxie. The hell with societal expectations, comparisons and self doubt. It's time to relish in our self-assuredness. It's time to embrace the ride, bumps and all. So yea, we may still continue with our "throw crap against a wall and see what sticks" business model, because well, we can. We will continue to learn as we go and push ourselves out of our comfort zones (first up, start blog).

We hope you'll join us on your journey. We intend for this blog to be somewhat informative (ie, we'll let you know what sticks and what doesn't), authentic, relatable and lighthearted. You may find a random recipe, a life hack, a can't-miss Aldi find or a handful of relatable working mom posts. But what you will always find is a friend. Someone who embraces the good, doesn't hide the bad and shares the journey. Hope you'll join us for the ride!

-Vicki and Heather

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